About Aereus Technologies

About-Aereus-PageEstablished as a business in September 2009, Aereus Technologies is committed to improving infection control by creating innovative technologies that enhance people’s quality of life, health and overall well-being.

Aereus is a pioneer in the global metallic antimicrobial coating industry. By pairing its patented superior engineering process with a proprietary copper alloy, Aereus has launched a unique and effective antimicrobial solution: Aereus Shield.  Aereus works in close partnership with manufacturers to deliver antimicrobial solutions for products in a variety of markets, including healthcare.

Scientific accuracy and honesty are very important to Aereus. As a result, all of Aereus’ claims are substantiated by research.

Aereus Technologies is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario.


Aereus Technologies is committed to a better future for all by continually delivering technologies to minimize the financial costs of illnesses in everyday living while creating a healthier world.


Aereus Technologies exists to develop and commercialize copper alloy based products, processes and delivery mechanisms. Our goal is to support efforts that result in an economically efficient, healthier and cleaner environment for people, organizations and governments.


People are our most valuable asset.
We empower people to make a difference, as a team we are a stronger.

Knowledge is our greatest power.
Continuous learning and sharing creates opportunities for innovation and growth.

Integrity and Accountability are the foundation of trust.
We do what we say we will do; it is our commitment to our team, our partners and the public.

Quality is the foundation of Loyalty.
We create unparalleled products and services to build long-term growth and profitability.

Commitment to community is fundamental to our success.
We are all stronger when we participate, contribute and strive to have a positive influence.