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The Benefits of Touch Surface Protection

Antimicrobial Copper SurfacesYou may have heard that there are more bacteria on your phone or keyboard than on your toilet seat. This is because touch surfaces—frequently-contacted surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, or light switches—get much more exposure to any pathogens you might be carrying around. The same is true of everyone else, and is also why hospitals are paradoxical breeding grounds for infection. Finding ways of turning touch surfaces into antibacterial surfaces is a top concern in hospitals since it’s a key way to keep patients and staff safe from healthcare-acquired infections.

There are numerous metals that have antibacterial properties which could be worked into common touch surfaces. However, this approach isn’t entirely feasible. Take copper for instance. Copper is remarkably effective in killing pathogens, but it tarnishes and is expensive. As a result, coating all the furniture and tools won’t be anywhere close to cost effective. Fortunately, there are ways around this.

The Power of Copper, Look of Stainless Steel

Aereus Technologies has patented the process that uses a solid copper alloy to create a permanent antimicrobial surface with the look of stainless steel and the benefits of copper. Aereus Shield™ is a permanent coating that kills 99.99% of bacteria without the drawbacks of a pure copper surface. It is a perfect companion to any hospital’s existing cleaning protocols to help turn high touch surfaces into continuously active antimicrobial surfaces. By working on the molecular level to tear apart bacterial membranes, Aereus Shield provides ongoing and long-term protection in addition to several other advantages.

Infinite Applications

IV poles, handrails, countertops, doorknobs, bedpans, and more are all viable candidates for Aereus Shield’s copper-alloy coating. If you can touch it, you can spray it, and you can coat it. The thermal spray used to apply Aereus Shield ensures a sealed, even coating.

Permanent Protection

Once Aereus Shield is on, it stays on to continue killing bacteria throughout repeat contaminations. You can clean the surfaces as part of regular maintenance without removing the protection. As long as the copper-alloy layer isn’t waxed, painted, lacquered, varnished, or otherwise coated, it will function throughout the life of the coated surface.

Constant Presence

Aereus Shield is not a replacement for normal sanitation practices, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help when a gap appears. Scrubbing down surfaces is a human effort and humans are fallible. Aereus Shield isn’t dependent on human action and will continue to protect between cleanings.

Better Outcomes

There are over 220,000 HAI’s in Canada every year and 8,000 to 12,000 deaths as a result. No matter how hard hospital staff try, they can’t keep sterilizing every hour of the day and still do their jobs properly. So it’s inevitable that some bacteria slip through. Aereus Shield is a proud partner of healthcare cleanliness and offers better patient outcomes than regular practices alone.

Aereus Technologies is a Canadian Biotech company headquartered in Burlington, Ontario. Our research and development into copper alloy-based technology has resulted in the antimicrobial coating, Aereus Shield™. For more information contact us today.

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Michelle Berelowitz

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