Competitor Analysis

See how Aereus Shield beats the competition.

Chemical Coatings
Persistently Kills Bacteria NO: Results are not scientifically proven.
Cost Effective YES: Cost-effective for deterring bacteria growth – not killing bacteria or minimizing cultures.
Non-toxic NO: Active ingredients, like Triclosan, are often very dangerous if ingested.
These chemicals are not easily broken down and are found in breast milk, lakes and rivers.
Attractive YES: Often invisible.
Long-lasting YES: Long-lasting and does not require reapplication.
Silver Ion
Persistently Kills Bacteria NO: Does not protect users from bacteria (EPA).
Cost Effective YES: For mould, mildew, and odour reduction, only.
Non-toxic NO: Toxic powder form cannot be ingested during fabrication (EPA)
Attractive YES: Often invisible.
Long-lasting NO: Eventually wears off.
Solid Copper
Persistently Kills Bacteria YES: Kills 99.9% of bacteria in less than two hours.
Cost Effective NO: Solid copper is expensive. Also non-malleable so not easily formed into products.
Non-toxic YES: All-natural raw material, but it is conductive.
Attractive NO: Over time copper oxidizes and changes color.
Long-lasting YES: Long-lasting, however it will discolour over time.
Aereus Shield
Persistently Kills Bacteria YES: Same biocidal efficacy as copper, added benefit surface nanotechnology.
Cost Effective YES: Long-lasting and effective, Aereus Shield offers partners added product value.
Non-toxic YES: 100% eco-friendly, recyclable and composed of natural materials.
Attractive YES: Crisp, modern and appealing nickel finish.
Long-lasting YES: Non-tarnishing and nearly impossible to remove once applied.