Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infections

Every year, over 220,000 Canadians get sick from infections they develop while in hospitals or other healthcare facilities. Of this number, roughly 8,000 to 12,000 will die as a result. This is tragic not only because hospitals should be a place to get better and not worse, but because these are preventable conditions. Unfortunately, healthcare facilities are full of ways that infections can be transmitted. Everything from a doorknob to an IV pole can retain pathogens. Many of these microbes—especially the most dangerous—are hardy and able to persist for weeks as they wait for an infectable victim.

Keeping patients and hospital staff safe from diseases like staph, E. coli, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and norovirus is a top priority in modern healthcare. However, simply keeping equipment and common touch-surfaces regularly cleaned isn’t enough. Additionally, any protections put in place by staff won’t always guard against infections that come in hitching a ride with visitors or family members. This is why Aereus Shield™ exists: to provide an extra measure of protection that works alongside current sanitization protocols.

Copper for Infection Control

Aereus Shield is a permanent copper-alloy coating that protects against pathogens when applied on a surface.. Copper’s antimicrobial properties have been known since the time of ancient Egypt. But it is with modern understanding that these features can be properly harnessed for healthcare safety. Copper’s protective benefits stem from how the metal interacts with the biology of different bacterial organisms. In some, the copper will disrupt the bonds that hold their cell membranes together and cause them to rupture. In others, copper will overload the cell and cause a fatal toxicity. Regardless of the exact method by which it happens, the result is often the same. Aereus Shield is capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria within an hour of being applied.

One of the extra benefits of employing biotechnology solutions like Aereus Shield is that it makes antibiotic resistance—the bane of modern healthcare—irrelevant. Resistant and non-resistant pathogens alike are proven to perish against copper.

Permanent and Resilient

Aereus Technologies created Aereus Shield to be as hassle-free as possible. Thanks to the latest in biotechnology, Aereus Shield, the coating created by Aereus Technologies, is permanent and should last for the life of whatever product it is applied to. Aereus Shield retains its protective abilities through cleanings and can resist repeated recontamination, making it ideal for any high-touch surfaces and Class I and Class II medical devices. Aereus Shield is suited for coating almost any solid surface; including metals, polymers, wood composites, tiles, and plastics.

Aereus Shield’s protection is dependent on the integrity of the copper alloy layer. If the layer is waxed, painted, lacquered, varnished, or otherwise coated, the protection may be compromised. As long as this doesn’t happen, the layer will persist and serve as a welcome partner with—but not a substitute for—any healthcare facility’s existing cleanliness practices.