• The most cost effective way to apply antimicrobial copper to any surface

    Aereus' antimicrobial solutions provide a one-time copper-based application on surfaces that works 24x7, never wears off, and kills 99.9% of bacteria* in 2 hours.

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The power of copper in a range of design-friendly finishes

Aereus Technologies is specialized in creating innovative, cost-effective copper-based solutions to fight bacteria*. Aereus’ patented processes allow the power of copper to be fully utilized across many sectors and products, particularly those where potential exposure to infectious bacteria* is a key concern. Aereus uses CuVerro® antimicrobial copper, the first class of solid-surface material registered to make public health claims with both the EPA in the United States and PMRA in Canada. CuVerro Shield by Aereus Technologies is a chemical free, solid surface metal alloy that can be applied to metal, plastics and various other surfaces without any product redesign. We provide your ultimate customizable solution against bacteria*. Learn how it works.


Kills 99.9% of bacteria* without the use of harmful chemicals

Antimicrobial copper
never wears out

An adaptable coating solution
that kills bacteria* continuously



Why CuVerro Shield by Aereus

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