Over more than a decade, Aereus has formed its position as a market leader in antimicrobial surface treatments, which can currently be found in a variety of settings. Aereus has invested over CAD $10 million into creating solutions to leverage the antimicrobial properties of copper, which naturally kills 99.9% of bacteria within two hours, to create safer environments in which chemical disinfectants are used less frequently. Our treatment processes only require a single application to provide around-the-clock protection for the lifetime of a given fixture.

Aereus became a publicly traded company in August of 2021. For more information, please visit the Investors section of our website.

US Environmental Protection Agency
Health Canada

Using CuVerro® antimicrobial copper, Aereus is authorized by the EPA (U.S.) and PMRA (Canada) to make public health claims relating to our solutions.

Mission Statement: To protect the earth’s population from the risks of microorganisms by providing cost-effective antimicrobial solutions that can be produced sustainably on a mass scale.

Vision Statement: Preventing the spread of infectious disease, while establishing and strengthening the general public’s confidence in copper as an antimicrobial agent.

Aereus’ Values: Integrity is our foremost guiding value as a corporate citizen, a workplace, and a scientific leader in creating antimicrobial solutions using copper. We believe in making Aereus treatments affordable and accessible to encourage businesses and organizations around the world to protect their “high-touch” surfaces from microorganisms.

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