Why Invest?

How many “high-touch” surfaces do the average person’s hands make contact with in a given day? Whether going to work, shopping for groceries, or taking a trip, the answer is generally “more than you’d think”.

It has long been known that high-touch surfaces can play a role in transmitting bacteria or infections from one person to another, which is the problem Aereus sought to address when we were founded in 2009, to develop and commercialize antimicrobial surface treatments with copper.

Copper had long been known to have antimicrobial properties, though it is not commonly used for fixtures and building hardware due to its relatively high cost and its tendency to tarnish after being repeatedly touched over time.

Why Invest? Aereus has the Tech, the Credentials, and the Scientists to Get the Job Done!

With a proprietary thermal spray process, we have perfected a method of applying an antimicrobial copper alloy to virtually any rigid surface while using approximately 90% less copper than what would be required to make a cast copper part.

The CuVerro® copper alloy we use is approved by the EPA (U.S.) and PMRA (Canada) for the purposes of making health claims.

Additionally, Aereus has been partnered with a leading Canadian university since 2014 for research and development.

Why Invest? Aereus is an Established Player in Antimicrobial Surface Treatments

Having been around for more than a decade, we are extremely familiar with how antimicrobial surface treatments are brought to market. We have an existing sales pipeline formed through industry relationships and a strong reputation in the advanced materials space. Additionally, we have invested CAD $10 million into research and development to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies in advanced materials and discoveries in microbiology.

We have our own facility in the Greater Toronto Area in which we apply our antimicrobial treatment. Our production setup has been refined over the years to optimize efficiency and quality.

Why Invest? Product Value Proposition has Sustainable Relevance

Part of why our antimicrobial treatments are so cost-effective is because they only require a one-time application. After the treatment has been completed on a fixture, it retains the antimicrobial protection of copper for its lifetime, naturally working around the clock to kill 99.9% of bacteria within two hours. This simplicity and effectiveness makes Aereus’ treatments an attractive option.

To offer a greater range of options, the Aereus thermal spray treatment can even be applied to existing fixtures, in addition to brand new fixtures.

With the ability to use less chemical disinfectant products, owners and operators of public facilities can benefit from long-term cost savings.

Why Invest? New Offerings in the Works to Enhance Scalability

Beyond the thermal spray application, we have also completed development of a treatment process using physical vapor deposition (“PVD”) which can improve the rate of production.

Additionally, we are in the process of perfecting an injection moulding technique… which will not only use 0.5% of the copper needed for a cast copper object, but it will also allow for everyday plastic products (e.g., smartphone cases, toilet seats) to be produced with the antimicrobial protection of copper.

Aereus Loves Investor Questions!

If you are an investor or prospective investor in Aereus and have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to email us at investor@aereustech.com. Please be sure to have a look at our latest Investor Presentation.


2009: Aereus Technologies is founded

2017: Pilot study with Vancouver General Hospital shows significant reduction in microbial bioburden

2018: Aereus Technologies forms a strategic partnership with Wieland-Werke AG (major copper products manufacturer founded in 1820 with multi-billion Euro revenues), in which its antimicrobial copper division CuVerro® entered into an exclusive agreement to supply antimicrobial technologies in North America based on Aereus Technologies’ solutions. This partnership led to the creation of CuVerro® Shield by Aereus Technologies

2021: Aereus Technologies raises more than CAD $6 million and becomes a publicly traded company in Canada

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